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Safe and easy-to-install scaffolding

As scaffolding is a temporary structure, it is essential that you choose easy-to-install and safe scaffolding, which can be easily moved by your masons and other employees. Fitzgerald Scaffolding offers safe scaffolding to keep your construction workers protected against accidents. Contact us for a quote.


Need scaffolding for your refurbishment or new build project?

How to choose right scaffolders

In addition to the safety features of your scaffolding, it is important that your professionals are trained and experienced. As the job is not easy and your employees’ safety depends on the type of scaffolding, you can also ask for a proof to ensure that your scaffolders have the expertise in what they do. Moreover, you can enquire about employer’s and public liability insurance, which are essential for any reputable company.

Choose our scaffolders for:
  • Scaffolding for renovations
  • Scaffolding sales and hire
  • Scaffolding equipment
  • Scaffolding for new builds
  • Roofing scaffolding
  • Chimney stack scaffolding
  • Solar installation scaffolding

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Fully insured and covering a wide area

We are fully insured and covered by £10 million public liability insurance. Though we are based in Buckinghamshire, we also cover Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. We provide scaffolding for all types of domestic and commercial construction projects in our service area.

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As part of our scaffolding, we use:

We take all the necessary safety measures while working with scaffolding in a building project.

Strong planking
Adequate safety systems
Strong bracing
Protective gear
Props and ladders
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