Bespoke scaffolding erection services in Buckinghamshire

If you need scaffolding for your domestic or commercial project in Buckinghamshire, then look no further than Fitzgerald Scaffolding. We have expertise in scaffolding erection and related services.

All types of scaffolding are available

Whether you need bricklayer’s scaffolding or single-tier scaffolding, we can help. We also have tubular scaffolding and cantilever scaffolding for large projects. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our experts.
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We adhere to health and safety guidelines

As a trusted scaffolding provider, Fitzgerald Scaffolding ensures that all health and safety guidelines are adhered to. For example, only trained employees are allowed to handle certain equipment whilst wearing all the necessary protective gear. Similarly, as per the regulations, any work that is being done in high places should be evaluated in terms of resources required, involved risks, and the skill/training requirements for the staff involved in the project. When you use our scaffolding, you can rest assured that it will be erected and maintained as per the guidelines of the regulatory authorities.

As part of our scaffolding, we use:

  • Strong planking
  • Adequate safety systems
  • Strong bracing
  • Protective gear
  • Props and ladders

We take all the necessary safety measures while working with scaffolding in a building project.